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Natural Alternatives to Prohormones for Building Muscle

There’s no doubt, steroids can help an athlete increase muscle mass, improve endurance and ramp up their stamina; however, they are illegal to use in competitive sports.

What’s more they can come with a host of serious side effects that can be detrimental to your health and well being.

More and more athletes are looking for alternatives to help improve their game, while still seeing the results that illegal steroids offer.

Continue reading to learn about the dangers of steroids and how you can get the same or similar results with natural alternatives to steroids.

Nowadays more and more bodybuilders, weightlifters and performance athletes are realizing that these anabolic alternatives can help them achieve amazing results.

Let’s take a Look at Androstenedione.

Androstenedione is often referred to as andro, 4-Androstenedione, 1-AD and 1-Test were used as alternatives to illegal steroids for a number of years. These alternatives helped improve muscle recovery, boost energy and enhance strength and stamina.

It turns out, Androstenedione was the first legal option for bodybuilders and athletes. Athletes from East Germany were the first to use this prohormone. Their secret weapon (Androstenedione) improved their overall performance. However, in many countries this powerful pro-hormone has been banned.

How It Works

This is how Andro works: The liver produces enzymes that are used for a variety of functions within the body, including the breakdown of food into usable nutrients. Additionally, these enzymes break down Andro.

Once the Andro is broken down, it is converted into testosterone, which helps enhance stamina. Since the advent of Andro into the sports world, numerous other products have been introduced into the market. With its continued use in the athletic world, much debate has arisen over the safety of these products.


On January 20, 2005 the US government banned the use of these pro hormones, including Androstenedione (Andro) and 1-AD. Since then, bodybuilders and other athletes have been looking for alternatives to help improve their stamina, muscle mass and endurance.

Market in Legal Alternatives Explodes


legal steroid pills

In recent years, the market for safe legal steroid alternatives to prohormones has exploded.

That wasn’t always the case though.

Many of these products were just souped up multivitamins that were retailing at ridiculous prices.

However, with new advancements in nutrition there are a growing number of supplement companies that are now offering high grade products.

It’s important to point out that these supplements will not deliver the same muscle gains as anabolic steroids, however they can still add an extra 2 to 5% to your game as long as you have your diet and training dialed in.

Not only that, these legal steroid alternatives are formulated with natural ingredients. This means no side effects or wasting money and time on post cycle therapies, which can also lead to more side effects.

With steroids you can only use them for a limited time otherwise they will damage your health. In contrast, legal steroid alternatives can be used for longer. This means that you can achieve consistent gains over a longer period of time compared to the up and down results of you get with anabolic steroids and pro hormones.

D-Bal by CrazyBulk

One alternative is D-Bal by CrazyBulk. This natural muscle gainer contains an impressive combination of whey protein and essential amino acids that enhance muscle growth, prolong endurance and improve nitrogen retention.

Furthermore, Crazy-Bulk have full range of other supplements to build muscle, strength, cut fat and boost testosterone levels. This gives you the opportunity to stack these together to ramp up your results and because they are completely natural you don’t have to worry about serious side effects to your health.

What about DHEA?

Another Alternative is DHEA.

DHEA is a precursor hormone that helps the body produce hormones, including testosterone. Bodybuilders around the world realize that an increase of testosterone can help improve muscle mass, recovery times and stamina.

Additionally, DHEA supplements offers anti-aging benefits, including increased energy production and hormone development. Research also suggests that dehydroepiandrosterone may play an important role in helping to protect against muscle during intensive exercise training

Also, it’s an important consideration that you get blood tested. Many blood testing services now provide a full hormone panel as part of the analysis. This makes sense, because you really need to know whether you have low testosterone or not.

Before using a DHEA supplement, it is imperative to check with the laws concerning DHEA in your country. This will help ensure you will not be disqualified from any events you are participating in.

As with all supplements, you need to remember they are not a magic bullet or a shortcut to increase muscle mass. And the sooner you accept this reality the better.

When it comes to building the body of your dreams, a body that you can be proud of  – takes hard work. There is no other way of getting around that fact. You need to put the hours in at the gym and you need to take your diet seriously.

If you cut any corners with these two disciplines then your wasting your time and money thinking that steroids, pro-hormones or bodybuilding supplements are going to get you there.

Keep it real Bro!

How Confortable are Wedding Heels In Reality

You desire the heels so the shoes will stick out. The heels are thin, but in addition low, making them more comfortable. Therefore, stiletto heels might not be the best choice for all brides. It is possible to find various heels with varied heights and sorts. Bearing this in mind, selecting the right wedding heels can take a great deal of thought and preparation. Low wedding heels are an excellent alternative for brides searching for something effortless to slide into, comfortable and simple to wear again later on.

When you search for those shoes, make certain to try to find a color that is correct, but likewise not too bright. Wearing flat shoes are not just comfortable they’re offered in a selection of beautiful styles to coincide with any wedding dress you have decided on for your special day. Red flat shoes are likely to be simple to find.

For some individuals, it is thought that wearing these sorts of shoes isn’t acceptable for an official church wedding. It’s imperative that you pick the proper type of shoes to coordinate with your outfit and attire ideal for a certain occasion. Dyeable wedding shoes are a rather Daryl and Shannon wedding common selection of brides. Mens wedding shoes, fortunately, are easily available, and we’ve got a great deal of options to select from.

However you take a look at it, your shoes are essential, and they ought to cause you to get happy. Bridal shoes are undoubtedly a significant role in the entire bridal ensemble. It’s important to stay comfortable, as it is to get stylish bridal shoes. Fashion bridal shoes are offered in various varieties on the internet.

Shoes are not just accessories for ladies. If you choose the appropriate shoe, you can shell out the entire day feeling as if you’re walking on clouds. Pure leather shoes for women and men are also available in several of the top stores.

After you choose the dress, start searching for wedding shoes. If you’re able to, bring the dress with you whenever you are searching for wedding heels so you can be absolutely sure the colors and designs will work together. If you prefer to lease an excellent wedding dress for yourself then you may carry out your shopping ahead of time. Short and sexy wedding dresses are now quite popular in the past couple of decades. There are many wedding dresses. For instance, you decided to put on a white wedding dress, hence, you can go for ivory wedding shoes which have darker shades.

If you decide on a dress that is shiny, opt for shoes with diamante or crystals on them. Gothic wedding dress differs from the standard wedding dresses. Say you’ve found the ideal wedding dress.

It’s also wise to think about the form of wedding you’re having. Most weddings generally have a fixed number of guests, to make sure that everybody may be accommodated. You can’t actually have a red-themed wedding without a suitable wedding cake. Arranging a wedding may be daunting and very stressful endeavor. If your wedding is drawing closer and you’re torn between dresses or don’t have any idea on what would do the job for you, the web is the optimal/optimally spot to look. A beach wedding is quite popular with couples who wish to have an informal manner of wedding instead of the formal church wedding.