What’s The Story On Testosterone Boosters?

testosterone boosters

There’s quite a bit of market awareness these days around the topic of testosterone as it pertains to men. Women have and utilize testosterone as well, but it plays a much less prominent role in a women’s life compared to man’s.

The reason there is so much awareness and buzz about testosterone for men these days is because it is becoming quite apparent that men in today’s modern world have significantly lower levels of testosterone than men did just one generation ago.

How much less?

Studies show that today’s man has about 20% less overall testosterone than that same man would have had at the same age in the 1990’s. That is a huge difference and a very significant loss in testosterone.

Not only that, but in the past doctors were treating men with symptoms and issues related to low levels of testosterone in their 40’s, 50’s, and beyond. Now, doctors are seeing men in their 20’s and 30’s about Low T issues.

Why Are Testosterone Levels Dropping?

There isn’t just one specific reason why testosterone levels are dropping, but rather it’s a number of different reasons.

The main categories of reasons fall into several different buckets. The three main buckets are diet, lifestyle, and environment.

Diet and Testosterone

First, there’s a huge connection between weight and testosterone levels. The more overweight you are, your testosterone levels will take a hit. However, as you lose weight, your testosterone levels will increase. Plus, increases in testosterone also help you lose more weight and lose weight faster.

Overall, as an average, men of today more overweight than in previous generations. This leads to lower levels of testosterone.

The part of this equation is the foods we eat today. We are eating much more junk food nowadays. Junk food produces high amounts of estrogen. Estrogen is the antithesis of testosterone and it kills testosterone. Men of past generations at much healthier and more natural foods instead of starchy sugary junk foods loaded with estrogenic chemicals.

Lifestyle and Testosterone

Men are just less physical than men of past generations. Men today are much more into computers, video games, TV, and social media whereas men of the past were outside building things, making things, farming, herding cattle, etc.

Being physical increases testosterone whereas being dormant does just the opposite.

Environment and Testosterone

Today we are spraying our crops with so many different chemicals and herbicides that kill testosterone because they are so highly estrogenic. Not only that, we have other issues like BPA in all the plastic water bottles we drink out of and the tupperware containers that we heat up our food in the microwave with.

These are the main buckets and just a few examples of how and why men’s testosterone levels are dropping faster and lowering overall testosterone levels for men today compared to men of previous generations.

The Rise Of Testosterone Boosters

Men today are becoming much more aware of declining testosterone problem, and they are avidly looking for solutions to stop the decline and to also increase their T levels.

prime maleThey have heard about the many dangers and side effects of testosterone replacement therapy, and that’s why natural testosterone boosters like Prime Male are becoming so popular. Check out this very in-depth Prime Male review, if you’re interested in learning more.

The benefit of natural testosterone boosters is that you’re not injecting your body with an outside source of testosterone, but rather you’re giving your body a purposeful selection of specific natural compounds that have been proven to cause your body to produce more of its own vibrant testosterone naturally.

A good and proven testosterone booster like Prime Male is one of the best ways to increase testosterone levels naturally. Is it the only way? Not at all, but it should definitely be considered your first step in protecting your T levels moving forward.